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Luxion 808 Diode


Effective on all patient skin types due to the 808nm wavelength output, combined with an extremely user-friendly touch screen which provides easy operation for beginners and experienced users alike.



The cooled light guide provides more comfortable treatments for happier patients.



The spot size is designed for maximum speed and versatility in small areas as well as large. The perfect balanced design.



  • Rapid Hair Removal for Patient Turnover.
  • Firing rates from 1-10hz for very fast treatments.



Training for staff with ongoing and unlimited clinical support to ensure proper clinical results.

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The Luxion 808 diode is often considered “The Gold Standard” in hair removal due to the fact the 808nm wavelength is the perfect compromise between melanin absorption and depth penetration. It can be used on all skin types, has no consumables, and the chilled tip also makes patient comfort a forefront for continuously happy clientele.
If you prefer to focus on hair removal or want a dedicated hair removal device, this is the device of choice. The Luxion has a small spot size for precise treatment in sensitive areas, yet has a very fast repetition rate for quick treatment on large areas. The touch screen user interface is very user friendly and can be learned in minutes. The innate solid-state design of the diode laser makes for a trouble-free work horse in large volume hair removal centers as well as the busy office.

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Clinical Theory

During laser hair removal treatment, light passes through the skin and is absorbed by the melanin in the hair shaft. Effective laser hair removal only happens when the melanin in the hair shaft heats up from the laser light and the heat is conducted to the growth cells and root causing thermal damage. This thermal damage destroys the growth cells and impedes future growth.

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How Many Treatments?

The hair growth cycle is divided in three phases; Anagen, Catagen, and Telogen. Destruction of the hair follicle by the laser is only accomplished while it is in its Anagen phase. This is the phase when the hair shaft is connected to the root and growth cells. Because the hair on your body can be in any one of the three phases and laser hair removal is only effective in the Anagen phase, multiple treatments are needed. The average number of treatment sessions needed for the patients desired end point is approximately 6, but may be more or less depending on genetics, hair color, hair depth, hormones, and many other factors.

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Hand Piece

Durable and Convenient

  • Built with easy to clean aluminum and ABS Plastic allowing for a sleek and durable design for years of service.
  • An easy to reach hand piece holder allows providers to seamlessly move between tasks with or without the treatment head.
  • – Activating the Luxion treatments utilizing the trigger on the hand piece, or the footswitch. The Luxion offers providers the ability to choose.
  • – The 10.5” touch screen makes the Luxion extremely user friendly. With just the touch of a finger providers can adjust patient parameters, energy levels and even the temperature of the treatment head
  • – The Luxion Laser has integrated microprocessors for automatic control of the cooling system, Maximizing patient comfort.
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FLUENCE: 1 – 120 J/cm2


PULSE WIDTH: 5ms – 400ms


FREQUENCY: 1 – 10 Hz


SPOT SIZE: 22mm x 35mm


DIMENSIONS: 19″ x 19″ x 42″


NET WEIGHT: 88 lbs



A comprehensive aesthetic package to ensure your success.

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