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Founded in 2004, ZianMed was established with the intention of becoming a leader in the aesthetics’ equipment arena. Because we pride ourselves in customer service and affordability, we have thrived and expanded our presence in the medical laser industry. Our vision is to provide clients with an avenue to acquire aesthetic equipment, both light based and non-light based for their business without the pressure of long term commitments. ZianMed is not limited to being only a supplier. Learning from our experience in the aesthetics market, we established ourselves as a resource partner from our experience in the aesthetics market. We treat you, not just as a customer, but as a partner for expanding and creating businesses in the exciting and ever changing world of aesthetics.

Our headquarters, located in the beautiful state of Florida, has served us as a tremendous location for providers and manufacturers in the aesthetic realm. Being surrounded by these companies has allowed us to continue to develop our equipment and tailor them to the needs of our clients, while moving us to fore front of the aesthetics market.

ZianMed employs some of the best trained and versatile clinical staff to help train and answer any question you may have. We provide a very thorough training, not only to our rental and purchasing clients, but also to anyone that may need it. Our quality of training is reinforced by the experience and expertise of our staff. We set forth protocols and standards to ensure all of our clients are provided a knowledgeable training to create a safe environment for you and your staff, as well as your customers and clients. We have established a culture within our team members that always places the needs and services of our clients at the highest priority.

ZianMed uses its experience over the years to develop and produce well designed, quality pieces of equipment for your business. We fully support all of our equipment and provide full warranties. However, should the time come when you need a repair, our highly trained technicians are available for any service that you should require. Should you have questions on the operation or function of the equipment, our clinical staff will be more than happy to assist in handling any situation. In the constantly changing world of aesthetics, our technicians and clinical staff work and study diligently to stay ahead and provide support and equipment for all your needs. We are always here for you when you need us, and value your business.

ZianMed is ready to provide ourselves as a resource for the rental and purchase of medical lasers and aesthetic equipment. We strive to provide all our clients with the ability to add services to their business, without the fear of committing to a purchase while still offering the best financing options and packages when our clients desire. We are one of only a few companies that offer an affordable monthly Rental Program, which allows you to keep the equipment in your office 24/7 with no long term commitments.

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